D22 Update – July 3, 2023

Fourteen new asylum seekers have joined the D22 family. We now have a total of 31 asylum seekers and unhoused at D22 as of today.

We contacted ChiCares to make sure that we have enough food for them when dinner was delivered tonight. There are many open spots to be filled so Please consider signing up for our meal train. We can really use help in providing meals to our newest neighbors.

Click on this link for meal train.

Hats off to our Welcoming Team. When hearing of the more people joining D22, our welcoming team jumped into action. We started fulfilling the newly completed needs assessment lists. We have children and babies in this group. We got formula and diapers collected and brought over to the station as quickly as we could. Our team introduced themselves to our newest arrivals.

One of our doctors triaged to see if there were any emergency health issues that needed to be addressed immediately. Thankfully, nothing was apparent. We intend on having our weekly clinic on Saturday morning.

We sat down with our recent arrivals to the United States and explained that Independence Day is tomorrow, and they will see quite a bit of fireworks. This is a concern as the fireworks might trigger their PTSD.

If you are in the position, please consider a monetary donation to help defer the costs. The 19th Ward Mutual Aid covers all expenses as they relate to our refugees. The costs do add up over time and as we get new asylum seekers. We start over with every new group. We make sure that there is a soft bed and a full tummy for the children and adults. Please consider whatever you can to help our newest neighbors.



Click on this link to make a monetary donation.