Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – May 16, 2024

CBS Chicago: Chicago official says city has plan in event of another influx of migrants this summer

Borderless/Block Club Chicago: Life In Legal Limbo: Navigating Chicago’s Immigration Court Alone

WTTW: Chicago Teachers Union, CPS Leaders Travel to Springfield to Lobby State Lawmakers for More Funding

“Martinez said he also advocated for $180 million in money specifically for migrant students statewide, of which CPS would receive approximately $55 million — a line item not included in Pritzker’s plan — as well as the restoration of $51 million in the funding of the 21st Century after-school learning program, which would net CPS another $15 million.”

Crain’s Chicago Business: CPS meeting with Pritzker marked by tension over migrant funding (paywall)

National News

MSNBC op-ed by Ali Velshi: The way we talk about immigrants has changed. Now the country could too.

“In a fast-developing, fast-urbanizing world in which a fierce global battle for labor and talent is well underway, America is already underperforming. We have one thing going for us, though: robust immigration rates. And we’re about to give it up.”

Time Magazine: Eric Adams Calling Immigrants ‘Excellent Swimmers’ Sparks Outrage and Confusion

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