D22 Update – July 7, 2023

We have been joined by 9 more asylum seekers today. For those taking score at home, that makes 42 people at the station. This is the most we ever have had joining us.

Since we are on the topic of numbers:

  • 5,169 residents in City Shelters
  • 739 people awaiting placement in shelters in police districts
  • Over 11,000 people have arrived in Chicago
  • 46 buses since January 1, 2023
  • 44 buses since May 12, 2023
  • 29 have arrived between June 14 and July 6 
  • 4 buses on July 4th
  • 2 buses on July 6th

Last night was the Night Market and our Spanish/English class at the Edna White Garden. It was super fun and many of us made new friends.

On a much sadder note, there has been reports of sexual misconduct by police officers in a district on the west side.

The city is moving migrants out of a Chicago police station amid allegations of ‘sexual misconduct’

As we know, this reflects bad on all our public safety officers. Yet, we all know we have some wonderful and caring officers too.

There are many open spots to be filled so Please consider signing up for our meal train. We can really use help in providing meals to our newest neighbors.

Click on this link for meal train.

If you are in the position, please consider a monetary donation to help defer the costs. The 19th Ward Mutual Aid covers all expenses as they relate to our refugees. The costs do add up over time and as we get new asylum seekers. We start over with every new group. We make sure that there is a soft bed and a full tummy for the children and adults. Please consider whatever you can to help our newest neighbors.

Click on this link to make a monetary donation.