Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – June 18, 2024

Chicago Tribune: Mayor must end migrant shelter evictions, Latino aldermen say (share link)

“We believe that since the City has the capacity to house new arrivals, it should do so with the budget allocations we agreed upon without subjecting them, especially families with kids, to the humiliating and traumatizing experience of repeated evictions,” the letter said.”

Politico Illinois Playbook: Mayor’s migrant plan dissed

National News

New York Times: Biden Gives Legal Protections to Undocumented Spouses of U.S. Citizens
“The new policy is one of the most significant actions to protect immigrants in years. It affects about 500,000 people who have been living in the United States for more than a decade.”

Associated Press: Half a million immigrants could eventually get US citizenship under a new plan from Biden

New York Times: More Cities Feel Strain as Migrants Move In Seeking Better Prospects