Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – June 14, 2024


Desde Cero: The Migrant Journey in Chicago, a new 1-hour bilingual NBCUniversal Local Chicago Original, is streaming nightly at 8:00 PM CT through Sunday, June 16 on the NBC 5 Chicago News 24/7 live streaming channel. 

Watch a clip from the documentary’s interview with Sherman Dilla Thomas.

Ere Rendon letter in the Washington Post: Part of a collection of perspectives on “America’s immigration problems don’t stop at the border.”

CBS Chicago: Migrants frustrated at being forced out of Chicago shelters as city enforces 60-day stay limit

“Some migrant families say they are being evicted from shelters—despite there being plenty of space left for them.”

Newsweek: Migrants Get 6 Months of Housing Under New Shelter Plan

“A new migrant shelter in Chicago is expected to allow six-month occupancy, compared to the city’s current 60-day policy.”

Mystateline: New Illinois laws go into effect on July 1st, including driver’s licenses for noncitizens

Fox News: Homelessness skyrockets in sanctuary city as migrants surge into shelter

National News

ProPublica: What’s Next for U.S. Immigration Policy on the Southern Border?