Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – May 28, 2024

Fox 32 Chicago: Illinois Senate passes $53 billion state budget

“This year’s budget allocates $400 million more than last year’s, with $187 million earmarked to help Chicago and Cook County with sheltering and caring for asylum-seeking migrants.”

Capitol News Illinois: Senate Democrats send $53.1B spending plan to House

“It includes the $182 million Pritzker committed months ago to provide shelter, health care and other services for recently arrived migrants, many of whom have been bused to the state from Texas.”

Op-ed in “Rally!” by a Chicago mutual aid volunteer supporting migrants: Defending Chicago’s migrants from rising fascism

“Like it or not, the asylum seekers *are* Chicagoans and Americans who deserve dignified conditions of life.”

CWB Chicago: Migrant gets arrested for the 10th time in 10 months

CWB Chicago: Huge brawl leaves migrant stabbed, cop injured as police declare emergency outside downtown Chicago shelter (Video)

National News

CNN: Democrats grapple with the right way to talk about Biden’s immigration policies

New York Times: The Other Busing Program: Mexico Is Pushing Migrants Back South (gift link)

“In response to pressure from the Biden administration to curb migration flows, Mexico has quietly bused thousands of migrants away from the U.S. border to sites deep in the country’s south.”