Happy Holidays

They say there is no Santa. No Christmas magic. I am here to tell you they are wrong. “Yes Vigina there is a Santa Claus.” It is true today as it was in 1897. Our neighbors and community fed thousands of people since April. We clothed, found bedding, and gave our time, money and our talents to the families who came to Chicago, and by happenstance ended up at the 22nd police district. Some would call us chumps or bleeding hearts. What we tried and still do is to give a voice to those who cannot. Children are our future and we have an obligation to make sure they are safe and healthy. This is for all children, wherever they are from. It is hard not to make the parallel with the small little family who made their way to Bethlehem.

As a Christmas wish, we wish for peace. Peace and goodwill to our neighbors. Merry Christmas and happy holidays. May all of your wishes come true.