Today We Celebrate the Third anniversary of Chicagoland Food Sovereignty Coalition

19th Ward Mutual Aid started back in May of 2020. We partnered with BAPA and Turpin Cares distributing hygiene and first aid. Soon, in the beginning of July 2020 the 19th Ward MA group started food distribution at the Morgan Park Presbyterian Church. We provided food for 60 weeks straight and fed over 20,000 people.

On December 14, 2020, the Chicagoland mutual aid community, which 19th Ward MA was a founding member rallied other mutual aid organizations to create Chicagoland Food Sovereignty Coalition (CFSC). We saw a shared need for sources of food and cold storage. We have focused primarily on food rescue efforts as the primary means of procuring food for our communities. This entails sharing healthy food that would otherwise be wasted.

Happy Birthday CFSC!! Let’s work ourselves out of business and our communities out of need.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors