Thanksgiving Potluck 🦃 with our Newest Neighbors

Thanksgiving Meal with our Newst Neighbors

We are thrilled to annouce that Southside KIN, 19th Ward Mutual Aid and Morgan Park Presbyterian Church are partnering to host a Thanksgiving meal for our community, including the asylum seekers. At a time when togetherness and gratitude are more important than ever, we aim to create a warm and inclusive space where everyone regardless of their background, can come together to celebrate this cherished American tradition.
We kindly invite you to contribute a dish. Your generosity will ensure that we have  a diverse and delicious assortment that truly represents the spirit of the holiday. Consider joining us by sitting down to enjoy the meal as well as converstaion. Consider making a monetary donation at to defer costs. Our gathering will be held on 11/18 at Morgan Park Presbyterian Church at 2017 W 110th Place. Meal drop off between 2-3PM.