D22 Update – July 1, 2023

We have a total of 25 asylum seekers at D22 as of today.

Today we had our weekly medical clinic. It was an hour earlier. We saw 6 asylum seekers and provided medication to those who needed it. Pro-Tip: Call ahead, the Walgreens on 103rd and Western was closed!

Today we were contacted by ChiCares who offered to provided dinner to our asylum seekers, not only tonight, but till July 6th. We are very happy for their help and support of Team D22. There are many open spots to be filled so Please consider signing up for our meal train. We can really use help in providing meals to our newest neighbors.

Click on this link.

We did our weekly food rescue that provides food to our partners that service other police districts and the unhoused. We rescued two pallets of food which has delivered to St. Bernadette’s sandwich making crew, Jeff and his team that provides snacks to our unhoused downtown, and to our warehouse. We are noticing many of the asylum seekers for whatever reason are not staying at shelters or police stations. They are often homeless and are in the need of food. When the asylum crisis started many decried that why we were not taking care of “our own” or veterans? We are seeing the homeless decamping in police stations and asylum seekers are finding themselves homeless due to the arduous asylum process. We are helping whomever needs our help, no questions asked.

If you are in the position, please consider a monetary donation to help defer the costs.

Click on this link.

Today being the first of July we celebrate Disability Pride Month, National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, French-American Heritage Month, National Bison Month, and Plastic Free July.