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Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – May 16, 2024

CBS Chicago: Chicago official says city has plan in event of another influx of migrants this summer

Borderless/Block Club Chicago: Life In Legal Limbo: Navigating Chicago’s Immigration Court Alone

WTTW: Chicago Teachers Union, CPS Leaders Travel to Springfield to Lobby State Lawmakers for More Funding

“Martinez said he also advocated for $180 million in money specifically for migrant students statewide, of which CPS would receive approximately $55 million — a line item not included in Pritzker’s plan — as well as the restoration of $51 million in the funding of the 21st Century after-school learning program, which would net CPS another $15 million.”

Crain’s Chicago Business: CPS meeting with Pritzker marked by tension over migrant funding (paywall)

National News

MSNBC op-ed by Ali Velshi: The way we talk about immigrants has changed. Now the country could too.

“In a fast-developing, fast-urbanizing world in which a fierce global battle for labor and talent is well underway, America is already underperforming. We have one thing going for us, though: robust immigration rates. And we’re about to give it up.”

Time Magazine: Eric Adams Calling Immigrants ‘Excellent Swimmers’ Sparks Outrage and Confusion

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – May 15, 2024

ABC Chicago: Venezuelan migrant documents first year in Chicago in art

Chicago Sun-Times: Chicago woman who helps migrants fights for a chance to stay in the United States

Chicago Sun-Times: City closes Woodlawn migrant shelter and moves residents

National News

Forbes: Immigrants Don’t Crowd Out U.S.-Born Professionals, New Study Finds
The Guardian: Latino lawmakers urge Biden to extend work permits for undocumented people

CBS News: Panama’s next president to shut down Darien jungle migration route

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – May 14, 2024

WBEZ Chicago: A Chicago woman who helps migrants fights for a chance to stay in the United States

“But like many asylum-seekers, the Kraals’ immigration status is fragile and uncertain. They’ve lived here for 12 years. For several years, they have remained in the U.S. on a religious visa, but it has expired and can’t be extended. And due to backlogs in the federal office that oversees immigration, there may not be other paths for them to remain here legally.

“That would be a travesty,” said Mary Shaaf, a mutual aid volunteer who works with Luisette. “Her dedication inspires many of us to keep going.”

Block Club Chicago: Brandon Johnson Moved Migrants Out Of Police Stations, But Long-Term Plan Is Light On Details

WTTW: Shuttered Woodlawn School Will No Longer Be Used as Migrant Shelter, Mayor Brandon Johnson Announces

Block Club Chicago: Wadsworth Migrant Shelter Closes As Residents Move To Nearby Facilities

CBS Chicago: Chicago closes migrant shelter at former Wadsworth Elementary School in Woodlawn

Chicago Tribune: City closes migrant shelter in former school on South Side (gift link)

CWB Chicago: Venezuelan migrant abducted woman in the West Loop: prosecutors

National News

NPR: A Girl Scouts troop offers hope and ‘sisters for life’ for migrant children (New York)

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – May 13, 2024

💛 Woodlawn Banquet to Welcome New Arrivals

Fox 32 Chicago: Community banquet in Woodlawn welcomes new arrivals

Block Club Chicago: South Siders Welcome In Migrant Neighbors At Community Meal, As They Pledge To ‘Figure It Out Together’

Telemundo Chicago: Dan fiesta de bienvenida a migrantes en busca de asilo

Telemundo Chicago: Organizan evento comunitario e informativo para recién llegados y residentes del sur de Chicago

Other News

Chicago Tribune: Mayor Johnson at one year in office: Former activist grapples with being the boss (gift link)

Chicago Tribune: Mayor Johnson on the record: The full Tribune Q&A as he approaches 1 year in office (gift link)

Letter to the editor from Proco Joe Moreno, former 1st Ward alderman, in the Chicago Sun-Times: Why not handle the migrant crisis at the border with a new Ellis Island?

Fox News: South Side Chicago pastor says ‘faith in government is very low’ after seeing city resources go to migrants

National News

New York Times: Trump, Bashing Migrants, Likens Them to Hannibal Lecter, Movie Cannibal

Associated Press: Panama’s next president says he’ll try to shut down one of the world’s busiest migration routes

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – May 10, 2024

Chicago Tribune: Migrant mourns death of child, one of the many unaccounted for in Chicago: ‘Without money, you’re nobody’

“Karis Calderon, 25, walked across seven countries to make it to Chicago for a stable job. Four weeks later, she couldn’t even afford to pay for the funeral services of her youngest child.” 

Wednesday Journal of Oak Park and River Forest: Oak Park’s efforts to aid migrants total almost $2.5M

“From November 2023 to June 2024, Oak Park will have spent $2.489 million on its migrant response, and the village has, or expects to be, reimbursed for all but about $352,000 of those expenditures.”Chicago Sun-Times: The ups and downs of Mayor Brandon Johnson’s roller coaster first year

“From the beginning, Johnson has been dogged by the migrant crisis he inherited. One of his first Council meetings included a cathartic vote on $51 million in surplus funding for the crisis — after a contentious, “us-versus-them” debate that reduced one alderperson to tears.”
Fox News: South Side Chicago pastor says ‘faith in government is very low’ after seeing city resources go to migrants

National News

ABC News: DOJ, civil rights groups sue to block controversial Iowa immigration bill

NBC News: ‘The world has changed’: WeChat, snakeheads and the new era of global migration

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – May 9, 2024

💛 Block Club Chicago: A Saturday Banquet Will Unite Resettled Migrant Families With Their New South Side Neighbors “South Siders of all cultures, ages and tenures in the community will gather for a meal this weekend, aiming to make migrant families’ transitions to Woodlawn as smooth as possible as they settle in the neighborhood.”

Fox News: ‘Fervent opposition’: Blue city mayor scraps plan to open new migrant shelter after backlash

National News

Axios: Biden prepares to unveil new asylum change

CBS News: U.S. to empower asylum officials to reject more migrants earlier in process

NBC News: Democrats urge Biden to act on immigration as Trump threatens deportations

NPR Morning Edition: Migrant crime is politically charged, but the reality is more complicated

“But national statistics show no sign of a migrant-driven crime wave. Violent crime is trending down, after the spikes of 2020-2021, even as migration has surged. Past studies have found immigrants to be less likely to commit crimes. While it’s possible the newer arrivals are contributing to crime rates, it’s nearly impossible to tell how much, as the FBI’s statistics aren’t parsed by immigration status.”

FYI: Upcoming Events

Today at noon on Zoom: DePaul Migration Collaborative, “Money, Migrants, and Remittances” with Dr. Lamont Black 

Tuesday, May 14, virtual and in-person: Hybrid Neighborhood Exchange: Community Anchors – The Social Services Response to the Migrant Crisis (hosted by the United Way of Metro Chicago)

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – May 8, 2024

Axios Chicago: Moving migrants out of the Loop proving difficult for city

Crain’s Chicago Business: Claiming fraud, lender sues migrant shelter landlord

National News

Associated Press: Associated Press images of migrants’ struggle are recognized with a Pulitzer Prize

CBS News: While illegal crossings drop along U.S. border, migrants in Mexico grow desperate

NBC News: Migrants, desperate to reach the U.S. border, are traveling inside cargo trucks. Some never make it.

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – May 7, 2024

Chicago Tribune: Johnson reverses course on moving migrants from downtown to proposed shelter in 11th Ward after stiff opposition from alderman, property owners

ABC Chicago: Mayor Johnson pulling proposal to open new Chicago migrant shelter on South Side

WGN Chicago: City scraps plans for temporary migrant shelter in Bridgeport after community pushback

Fox 32 Chicago: Chicago’s plans for new South Side migrant shelter scrapped

National News

NBC News: Democrats prepare to go on offense on immigration in the coming weeks

NPR Morning Edition: Is immigration a priority? A Gallup polls says it depends on whom you ask

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – May 6, 2024

NBC Chicago: Mayor’s proposal to relocate migrants from downtown shelter to Chicago’s South Side faces opposition

Chicago Tribune: Alderman opposes Johnson’s proposed new migrant shelter location ahead of Democratic convention

Fox News: Chicago teachers’ $50B demands include pay hikes, abortions, migrant accommodation

National News

CNBC: Immigrant workers are helping boost the U.S. labor market

Fast Company: The federal government can help cities help immigrants. Here’s how

Associated Press: Biden has rebuilt the refugee system after Trump-era cuts. What comes next in an election year?


WBEZ: 15 migrant couples got married in Chicago: See the prep, ceremony and wedding party

South Side Weekly: ‘Everyone Is Mad at the Wrong People’: Black Organizers Call for Focus and Nuance in the Affordable Housing Blame Game

“Lifelong Black housing advocates say that the energy spent on anti-migrant protests could be more productively used if it was channeled toward addressing the root causes of housing instability in the city.”

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – April 30, 2024

Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board: City Council members, be honest when talking about migrants 

“The migrant crisis, and the millions it’s costing our city, is tough enough to solve without frustrated City Council members resorting to misinformation and exaggeration.”

Chicago Tribune: Letters: The city needs a plan to house and employ migrants/ Texas not to blame for migrants

South Side Weekly: “Everyone is mad at the wrong people”: Black Organizers Call for Focus and Nuance in the Affordable Housing Blame Game

Breitbart: Sanctuary City Chicago: Police Made More Than 1,000 Arrests of Venezuelan Migrants in 2024 So Far

National News

The Washington Post: Harsh deportation tools are just fine with many Americans

Bloomberg: Here’s How Immigration Will Boost the US Economy, From Strong Hiring to More Housing

NewsNation: Senators probe if migrants illegally working as delivery drivers


Axios: Exclusive poll: America warms to mass deportations

“Half of Americans — including 42% of Democrats — say they’d support mass deportations of undocumented immigrants, according to a new Axios Vibes survey by The Harris Poll.”

“And 30% of Democrats — as well as 46% of Republicans — now say they’d end birthright citizenship, something guaranteed under the 14th Amendment of the Constitution.”

WBBM Newsradio: UIC study: Society benefits by providing public health care for undocumented immigrants

WBUR: More Chinese asylum seekers are crossing the U.S. southern border

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – April 29, 2024

Borderless: After Decades Of Disinvestment, Black And Latino Leaders Want ‘Profound Transformation’ Amid Migrant Crisis

Chicago Tribune: Migrant arrests are up, but they’re rarely accused of violent felonies

Capitol News Illinois: Illinois immigrant advocates tout new report showing benefits of state-funded health plans

Borderless: Chicago’s Longtime Undocumented Immigrants Push Feds For Work Permits: ‘Why Not Us?’

Crain’s Chicago: Slow work authorizations frustrate new migrants and industry leaders alike

The Latin Times: Some Chicagoans are so outraged over a $70 million aid package for migrants that they want a mayoral recall

Fox News: Outraged resident warns what $70M migrant funding will do to sanctuary city

National News

Reuters: US, Mexico to clamp down on illegal immigration, leaders say 

NY Times: Talk of an Immigrant ‘Invasion’ Grows in Republican Ads and Speech

National Review: After Urging Migrants to Leave, Denver Publishes Playbook for Cities Seeking ‘Welcoming Approach’ to Crisis


The Harris Poll – April 2024: Chicagoans reflect on the last year

“Half (46%) of city residents are concerned about the local refugee and undocumented migrant situation in Chicago. That said, only a quarter (27%) think local officials should take lead in addressing the issue, while two-thirds (67%) believe that higher levels of government should lead on the issue” 

Here’s the new research brief mentioned above: 

UIC Great Cities Institute: The Benefits of Health Coverage for Immigrants in Illinois

Marijuana Moment: State Marijuana Legalization Linked To Fewer Immigrant Deportations, Study Finds

Op-Ed by Dorri McWhorter and Tina Hone in Crain’s Chicago Business: Chicago faces a three-part humanitarian crisis. We can solve this for everyone.

“So let us, as Chicagoans, demonstrate to the rest of the country that we can work together to lift up all of these communities — new arrivals, undocumented immigrants and descendants of slaves — to solve this multipronged crisis.”

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – April 25, 2024

Illinois Public Media/The 21st Show: State Senator Celina Villanueva speaks on budget priorities, migrant support, and latino voting trends

WBEZ’s Reset: Chicago to create ‘unified system’ for migrant and homeless shelters

Vandalia, IL Radio: Senator Plummer: Pritzker ‘gaslighting’ Illinoisans he says engage in migrant ‘hysteria”

Bishop On Air: Pritzker discusses ‘hysteria’ around state’s migrant sanctuary status

Patch: Measles Cases Grow To 67 In Chicago, Suburban Cook County (Note: This story and the one below are included because they reference measles outbreaks being connected to migrant shelters) 

WTTW: Providers Should Consider Giving Kids 2nd Dose of Measles Vaccine Sooner as Chicago Sees New Cases, Health Officials Say 

National News

NewsNation: How do migrants pay rent when the assistance runs out?

NPR National: Despite a fortified border, migrants will keep coming, analysts agree. Here’s why.

AP: Migrants indicted in Texas over alleged border breach after judge dismissed charges

Border Report: Hundreds of migrants on trains arrive at El Paso-Juarez border

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – April 23, 2024

Capitol Fax: Pritzker addresses ‘hysteria’ over asylum-seekers
“We are receiving busloads of people from the state of Texas without any prior notice of their arrival sometimes in the middle of the night. Why do they do that? Because they want to cause chaos. We have managed to rein it in so that it’s not chaos.”

WBEZ’s Reset: Cook County set aside $20 million for suburbs to help migrants. Only a few applied for the money.

“Alison Leipsiger, policy coordinator for the City of Evanston, said that Evanston is looking into setting up a shelter. However, debate around the cost and location is slowing the process.”

Block Club Chicago/Chalkbeat: Chicago Public Schools Has Between 9,000 And 17,000 Migrant Students, Depending On Who Is Counted

Letters to the editor in the Chicago Sun-Times: Work permits for undocumented immigrants are overdue (letter from Jose Muñoz, Illinois Latino Agenda co-chair, and CEO, La Casa Norte; letter from Eréndira “Ere” Rendón, vice president, immigrant justice, The Resurrection Project)

FYI: Wilmette will be considering an ordinance related to migrant bus arrivals at its board meeting this Wednesday, April 24th. The ordinance is here, with more background from The Record here.

Additionally, a statewide migrant busing ordinance, sponsored by the New Arrivals Working Group, passed a House committee last week. More info here.

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – April 22, 2024

Block Club Chicago: $70 Million More For Migrant Housing, Services Approved By City Council

WTTW: City Council Votes 30-18 to Spend $70M More to Care for Migrants in Chicago

Chicago Tribune: Chicago to have one unified system for homeless and migrants, city and state officials say

Crain’s Chicago Business: Migrant influx exacerbates another brewing crisis: Mental health

WBEZ Chicago: Can Illinois provide work permits for migrants?

Chicago Tribune: After 25 years of selling tamales in Chicago, an undocumented immigrant mother returns to Mexico without her family

Fox News: Chicago voter confronts Mayor Johnson over ‘disrespectful’ migrant funding, says city united against him

CWB Chicago: Migrant has been arrested 7 times since arriving in Chicago, including twice in April

Evanston Now: Migrant bus crackdown bill advances (Note: This is a statewide ordinance moving in Springfield, you can read more background information here

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – April 19, 2024

The Chicago City Council is re-convening at 12:45pm today to consider the mayor’s proposed $70 million in funding for migrant support. Watch here once the meeting gets started.

Chicago Tribune: Democratic Convention organizers leaning on locals to handle possible migrant surge in August

“Anticipating Chicago will see a surge of buses bearing migrants from the southern border ahead of the Democratic National Convention in August, organizers say they’re relying on Mayor Brandon Johnson and Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker to come up with a plan to stave off any ensuing potential chaos.”

ABC Chicago: City Council expected to vote on Mayor Brandon Johnson’s request for $70M for migrant care

Associated Press: Chicago’s response to migrant influx stirs longstanding frustrations among Black residents

Fox News: Black Chicago voters rip mayor on extra $70M for migrants as recall petition gathers steam

“’We need that money in my neighborhood,’ railed one Black woman wearing a red ‘Make America Great Again’ cowboy hat”

Chicago Sun-Times: Cook County approves the sending of up to $70 million to Chicago to feed migrants

Chicago Catholic: Migrant families expected to move into former school in May

Capitol Fax: Migrant shelter population down more than a third since end of January


Op-Ed by Dorri McWhorter and Tina Hone in Crain’s Chicago Business: Chicago faces a three-part humanitarian crisis. We can solve this for everyone.

“So let us, as Chicagoans, demonstrate to the rest of the country that we can work together to lift up all of these communities — new arrivals, undocumented immigrants and descendants of slaves — to solve this multipronged crisis.”Op-Ed by Sen. Robert Peters in the Chicago Tribune: Chicago is ready for the Democratic National Convention

“Let us remember that Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is responsible for busing thousands of migrants to our city instead of rolling up his sleeves and finding sustainable ways to welcome migrants who’ve faced perilous journeys to get here. This is a political strategy in an election year that ignores human suffering for the sake of political jockeying on immigration policy, and it’s ugly, callous and un-American.”

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – April 18, 2024

Chicago Sun-Times: Council delays votes on migrant funding, $1.25 billion bond issue, ShotSpotterWGN Chicago: City Council delays votes on money for migrants, $1.25B borrowing plan

Illinois Politico Playbook: The Buzz: Migrant Moves (about City Council vote delay until Friday)

Borderless: Chicago Approves Weekly Reports On Migrant Shelter Evictions

Crain’s Chicago Business: Johnson maintains migrant spending has not hurt relationship with Preckwinkle

Capitol News Illinois: Education leaders seek added state funding to help districts accommodate influx of migrants

National News

📊 USA Today: The ‘magic bullet’ driving post-pandemic population revival of major US urban centers

“The rise in immigration from abroad was a unique and demographically welcome contributor,” the report read, noting that such growth will likely continue to drive urban economic vitality. “…. International migration appears to be the ‘magic bullet’ not previously foreseen.”
CNN: New Trump super PAC ad hammers Biden on immigration as Mayorkas faces impeachment vote

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – April 17, 2024

ABC Chicago: Will $70M proposal by Mayor Johnson be enough for migrant crisis?

Block Club Chicago: Mayor Wants $70 Million More For Migrants Months After Critics Warned Budget Was Too Low

Fox News: Dem Chicago alderman warns ‘we are not taking care of our own’ as city approves $70M for migrants
Letter from Mark Grenchik in the Chicago Tribune: Chicago needs to do a better job of allocating resources for migrants

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – April 16, 2024

WBEZ: Chicago City Council committee gives initial approval to $70 million more for migrants

Chicago Tribune: Johnson plan to add $70M for migrant response moves forward

Chicago Sun-Times: Preckwinkle bends ears, twists arms to help Johnson deliver $70 million in migrant funding

Fox 32 Chicago: All migrants officially moved out of Chicago Park District facilities, city officials confirm

New York Times: New Migrants Get Work Permits. Other Undocumented Immigrants Want Them, Too.

“At a rally in Chicago last month, demonstrators urged the Biden administration to allow undocumented immigrants to work legally. And in Las Vegas, Nevada’s governor, a Republican, and the state’s U.S. senators, both Democrats, joined employers, unions and immigrant advocates to send the same message.”

SuburbsChicago Sun-Times: Cook County has $20 million for the suburbs to help migrants. Most towns aren’t going for it.

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – April 15, 2024
ABC Chicago: City Council Budget Committee to discuss mayor’s $70 million proposal to fund migrants in Chicago

Chicago Tribune: Chicago and Illinois to receive $19M from feds to help with migrant crisis
Chicago Sun-Times: Feds send $19.3 million for Chicago, state of Illinois to cover soaring migrant costsSouth Side Weekly: Five Park District Migrant Shelters to Close, Summer Programming to Resume

Wednesday Journal of Oak Park and River Forest: Oak Park approves another $100K for migrant rental assistance
💛 Chicago Sun-Times: Venezuela native Mayller Millan is at home with Steinmetz baseball team

“Someone who understands the challenges and successes of the Venezuelan players from a broader perspective is Matt DeMateo, the CEO of New Life Centers, which helps migrants adjust to life in Chicago. He has seen the positive impact baseball has had on kids of all ages, from Little League to high school.”


💛 Evanston Roundtable letter to the editor by Ilya Sheyman: In support of a shelter for migrants

“As an Evanston resident raising a family in the Fifth Ward – and someone whose own parents brought me to the Chicago area more than 30 years ago as refugees when I was just a child – I strongly support Evanston creating a temporary shelter for new arrivals.”

Chicago Sun-Times Editorial: Work permits for all undocumented immigrants? That’s asking too much.

📊 Bloomberg Op-Ed by Columnist Justin Fox: Without Immigrants, US Working-Age Population Would Shrink

“American births peaked in 2007, and baby boomers are still exiting the labor force in droves. That’s why foreign-born workers are now driving all the job growth.”

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – April 12, 2024

Chicago Tribune/AP: A healthy US economy’s secret ingredient: Immigrant workers, eager to fill jobsRockford Register Star op-ed: Migrants welcome in Winnebago County, bills for housing, health care are not (op-ed by Paul Arena, Winnebago County Board Member and Republican caucus chairman)

Daily Herald: United employees pitch in to assist migrant families

National News

The Guardian: Trump and Mike Johnson push for redundant ban on non-citizens voting

New York Times: Immigrants in Maine Are Filling a Labor Gap. It May Be a Prelude for the U.S.

“Nationally, immigration is expected to become an increasingly critical source of new workers and economic vibrancy in the coming decades.”

New York Times: 24 Hours at a Makeshift Refuge for Migrants in the California Wilderness

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – April 11, 2024

Chicago Tribune: After balking earlier, Johnson to ask City Council to spend $70M on migrant services

Chicago Sun-Times letter to the editor: Tell the truth about immigration: It makes America stronger

Fox News: Democrat rep criticizes Abbott for sending migrants to Chicago as the city struggles to manage influx

National News

New York Times: Joining Texas, Iowa Enacts Law for State Immigration Enforcement

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – April 10, 2024

Chicago Tribune: Evanston to continue exploring options for migrant shelter

“Multiple residents came forward to support the plan, including Ilya Sheyman whose family came to Evanston as refugees decades ago. He said Chicagoland is capable of absorbing this group of migrants just as it has absorbed those fleeing the war in Ukraine.”

Evanston Roundtable: City Council split on migrant housing shelter plan

“During citizen comment earlier in the meeting, several speakers urged council members to move forward on the grant, including Dyonne Indra Blanca, a new arrival from Venezuela, who said she had to make a perilous journey on foot with her children, 2 and 8 years old, through seven countries on her way to Chicago.”

ABC Chicago: Mayor Johnson wants City Council to approve another $70M for migrant care ahead of DNC: alderman

CWB Chicago: Migrant, Chicagoan plead guilty in theft of radio from Chicago police station

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – April 9, 2024

NBC Chicago: Mayor Johnson to seek $70M more in funding for migrant crisis in an apparent reversal: sources

Crain’s Chicago Business: In an apparent course reversal, Johnson tests the waters on a $70M migrant funding request

WGN Chicago: Sources: Chicago mayor to ask city council for $70 million for migrant aid

Axios Chicago: Chicago Mayor Johnson pushes President Biden for more migrant work permits

Op-ed by Raul Raymundo and Sylvia Puente in the Chicago Sun-Times: To jump-start the economy and provide workers, Biden should OK work permits for all undocumented immigrants

Hearing on Proposed Migrant Shelter in Evanston

The Daily Northwestern: City Council indicates support for migrant shelter — but not downtown

Evanston Now: Help migrants? Yeah, but how?Univision: Discute el concilio municipal de Evanston la posibilidad de abrir un albergue para migrantes

National News

The Independent: Jon Stewart points out major flaw in Fox News’ efforts to tie solar eclipse to immigration

“‘Is there nothing Fox can’t tie to immigration?’ The Daily Show host asked”

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – April 8, 2024

FYI: Tonight at 5:45pm, the Evanston City Council is holding a meeting where they will discuss a proposal to establish a temporary migrant shelter. They will take public comment in-person and on Zoom — you can sign up to speak here, (meeting agenda is here). Please share with Evanston folks you know! More context in the clips below.

Chicago Tribune: Hundreds of migrants still arriving in the suburbs as Chicago consolidates shelters

Fox Chicago: Migrant’s journey captured through art at Starting Point Community Church exhibit

Telemundo Chicago: Migrante venezolano cuenta su travesía hasta Chicago a través de su arte

NBC Chicago: Venezuelan family found living in unfit conditions in basement of Hammond home

Evanston Considers Opening a Migrant Shelter

Chicago Sun-Times: Evanston’s mayor wants to turn a vacant building into housing for migrants

Evanston Roundtable: Evanston weighs opening temporary shelter to house migrants

Evanston Now: City eyes opening migrant shelter

St. Bartholomew Migrant Shelter Opening Mid-April

Chicago Tribune: New migrant shelter opening at Chicago’s St. Bartholomew Catholic Church

Chicago Sun-Times: 300 migrants to be housed at shuttered Catholic church on Northwest Side

Block Club Chicago: Migrants Will Move Into Portage Park’s St. Bartholomew This Month

National News

NBC News: How immigrants are helping boost the U.S. job market without affecting inflation

“Economists increasingly believe that the post-pandemic surge in immigration is a key reason the economy has been able to grow steadily without pushing inflation higher, as the new arrivals have helped employers fill roles at levels of pay that have kept a lid on overall price growth.”

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – April 5, 2024

WTTW’s Latino Voices: Venezuelan Migrant Depicts His Journey to Chicago in Series of Paintings

Wednesday Journal of Oak Park and River Forest: Migrants in Oak Park’s care all have new homes

Chicago Tribune: Girl, 5, at migrant shelter recovering from tuberculosis, her father says, as city officials confirm ‘small number’ of cases

Crain’s Chicago Business: Health workers, already battling measles among migrants, now contend with TB

ABC Chicago: No, migrants are not driving a surge in violent crime as Trump claims

Block Club Chicago: 25 Things To Do In Chicago This Weekend: Disco Party, Greek Heritage Parade And Markets Galore (featuring the art show by Venezuelan migrant Yeison, on Friday night and Saturday morning)

Mayor Johnson Calls for Work Permits for All

Chicago Tribune: Mayor Johnson to Biden: Let Chicago’s long-term immigrants work

Chicago Sun-Times: Johnson to Biden: Long-term undocumented immigrants deserve work permits, too

Block Club Chicago: Undocumented Workers Deserve Legal Work Permits, Mayor And Leaders Say

Univision: Urgen otorgar permisos de trabajo a inmigrantes indocumentados en Chicago

National News

Wall Street Journal: Why Immigration Is Now the No. 1 Issue for Voters

Prism op-ed by Tina Vásquez: We heroicize migrant workers in their deaths and deny them dignity in life

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – April 4, 2024

💛 Chicago Sun-Times: Gala to support migrant housing that provides ‘safe places’ amid shelter evictions

NBC Chicago: ‘Small number’ of tuberculosis infections detected at Chicago migrant shelters

Fox News: Tuberculosis breaks out at Chicago migrant shelters following measles cases

Block Club Chicago: Mayor Brandon Johnson, 1 Year After Election: ‘Name One Thing … I Haven’t Done’

“Johnson again called on the federal government to step up and pass comprehensive immigration reforms while increasing spending not just to house migrants, but for the unhoused population in general. He said that message would be a central one he takes to federal leaders at this summer’s Democratic National Convention.”

South Side Weekly: A medida que comienzan los desalojos, los migrantes enfrentan obstáculos en su camino hacia el reasentamiento

National News

The Hill: Biden extends some immigrant work permits, potentially saving thousands of jobs

“The Biden administration on Thursday is announcing an extension of work permits for certain categories of immigrants, potentially preventing hundreds of thousands of people from losing their jobs overnight.”

New York Times: The U.S. Is Rebuilding a Legal Pathway for Refugees. The Election Could Change That.

NBC News: Denver defends encouraging migrants to leave for other cities over lack of resources

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – April 3, 2024

The New Yorker: Can Chicago Manage Its Migrant Crisis?

Hosting tens of thousands of new arrivals has stoked Black residents’ sense of neglect.

ABC Chicago: Some tuberculosis cases confirmed among migrants in Chicago, health department says

CBS Chicago: City of Chicago has spent $235 million on health care staffing firm tasked with helping migrants

💛 Borderless: Harmony In Hardship: Chicago Symphony Orchestra And Refugees Bring Immigrant Stories To Life With Music

ABC Chicago: Southwest Collective, CPS Parent University launch weekly group therapy for Chicago migrants

South Side Weekly: As Evictions Begin, Migrants Face Hurdles On The Path To Resettlement

CWB Chicago: Migrant carried Taser ‘because there is a lot of crazy people’ in downtown Chicago: report

National News

Washington Post: Opinion | Journalists should focus on America’s hard-working immigrants more often

Reuters: Trump calls migrants ‘animals,’ intensifying focus on illegal immigration

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – April 1, 2024

Chicago Tribune: Refuge on the field: A migrant boy finds home in baseball

Chicago Sun Times: Migrants begin moving out of five Chicago Park District shelters

CBS Chicago: Migrants moved from two Chicago Park District facilities to allow return of services

Scripps News: Chicago parish blesses the feet of newly arrived migrants for Easter

National News

Associated Press: Why Trump’s alarmist message on immigration may be resonating beyond his base

Op-Ed in USA Today: Immigrants are excluded from the right to legal representation. It’s time to change that.

The Hill: Ocasio-Cortez calls out Musk for unfounded immigration claim


Chicago Tribune: Chicago Tribune launches new immigration newsletter

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – March 29, 2024

Chicago Tribune: Aldermen push for more transparency and tracking of migrants Chicago evicts from shelters

WTTW: Key City Panel Advances Measure to Require Officials to Track Evictions From Chicago Migrant Shelters

Chicago Sun-Times: Migrant eviction statistics need to be more ‘transparent,’ some Chicago City Council members say

Borderless: Chicago Ordinance Would Require Weekly Reports On Migrant Shelter Evictions

Vox: Chicago’s inhumane migrant evictions are a symptom of a bigger problem

Associated Press: Chicago plans to move migrants to other shelters and reopen park buildings for the summer

Block Club: How A Humboldt Park School Is Helping Immigrant Parents Learn English And Gain Confidence

Fox News: Venezuelan migrant accused of sexually assaulting woman on Chicago university campus, denied release

National News

CNN: The true face of immigration (Analysis on the Baltimore bridge collapse)
MSNBC: The Baltimore bridge collapse victims were all immigrants. Here’s why we can’t ignore that.

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – March 28, 2024

Highlight several upcoming events in support of new arrivals and local immigrant communities. Feel free to send me any events you’d like to share in the future!

Monday, April 1

Chicago Women Take Action Monthly Meeting

6pm Online. RSVP here.
Chicago Women Take Action’s monthly online meeting will host a conversation with Fred Tsao, long term Senior Policy Counsel at the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. Fred will discuss key issues and questions responding to the needs of immigrants and refugees. He will unpack who are the groups we’re talking about, what their needs are, what’s available, and how to move forward politically.

Friday, April 5 and Saturday, April 6

Me Tengo Que Ir – Yeison’s Art Exhibition
Friday 6pm-9pm and Saturday 11am-3pm

Experience Yeison’s journey from Venezuela through his art. Free, with Venezuelan drinks and snacks available for purchase. 4851 W. Wrightwood Ave in Chicago.

Saturday, April 6, 5pm-9pm

Fundraiser for Monarca 2 Shelter: Bienvenidos A Casa: An Evening In Support of Our New Neighbors (in Skokie)

Get tickets here.

A traditional Venezuelan dinner from Evanston restaurant La Cocinita, live music from a teen rock band of newcomer students (as seen on WBEZ!), plus unique raffle prizes and silent auction items to raise money to support migrant families in easing their transition to our area. Funds raised will support “Monarca 2”: the continuation of a highly successful creative community housing solution for newcomer families in Rogers Park as administered by the Nuevos Vecinos Community & Free Store, as well as continuing efforts to coordinate the response to this crisis on the north side/in the North Shore.

Thursday, April 11, 8:30am-5pm

DePaul Migration Collaborative: Cities and Migration: Plan, Policies, and Action

More information and RSVP here.

The DePaul Migration Collaborative’s 2nd Annual convening brings experts, nonprofit leaders, students, scholars of migration, policy makers, and legal advisors to discuss contemporary migration flows to cities in our Cities and Migration: Plans, Policies, and Action. The symposium answers urgent and timely questions related to youth, health, law, housing, data collection, and labor with innovative solutions. Together, we can empower our cities to remain locations of welcome!

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – March 27, 2024

WTTW: Measles Outbreak Worsens at Pilsen Migrant Shelter, Prompting Officials to Tighten Vaccination Policy

Block Club Chicago: City Rolls Out New Measles Vaccination Policy At Pilsen Migrant Shelter

Chicago Tribune: City speeds up measles vaccinations for migrants as cases continue to rise

Fox Chicago: Migrant with ties to Venezuelan cartel arrested in Chicago

National News

Newsweek: Baltimore Bridge Collapse Workers Were Immigrants

CNN: Appeals court keeps controversial Texas immigration law on hold

Washington Post: Records confirm Trump’s mother-in-law came to U.S. through process he derided
Useful New Messaging Resource

From Local Progress: “Messaging Guide: Supporting New Arrivals” – aimed at local elected officials, but useful for others as well

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – March 26, 2024

NBC Chicago: Chicago’s migrant website obscures details on where $300 million was spent

Chicago Tribune: Mayor Johnson says migrants being housed at Chicago Park District facilities being moved beginning Saturday

CBS Chicago: Migrants to be moved out of five Chicago Park District sites

Block Club: 5 Migrant Shelters At Park District Field Houses Will Close, Park Programs To Resume

Chicago Sun-Times: Migrants sheltering at 5 city parks to be moved

Chicago Sun-Times: Chicago health officials announce new policy to slow measles outbreak

Telemundo Chicago: Total de 24 migrantes han dejado los albergues de Chicago tras iniciar desalojos

Paul Vallas Op-Ed in the Chicago Tribune: Governor and mayor’s response to migrant crisis is an abuse of executive power

National News
Politico: Biden was planning executive action on the border. Now he’s gone silent. 

The president was close to announcing a string of moves. But they never came. Here’s why.

ABC: Biden and Harris discuss migration in separate White House meetings with Guatemalan leader Arévalo

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – March 25, 2024

👉 Axios Chicago: Survey: Cook County residents’ thoughts on migrants

“Despite concerns that migrant aid is making it harder for officials to help longtime residents, a majority of respondents in nearly every category — except Republicans and Independents — support helping migrants who are here.”

WGN Chicago: Activists in Chicago call on Biden administration to grant work permits for long-term undocumented workers

Chicago Tribune Editorial: The states dive deep into immigration. This cannot stand.

Chicago Sun-Times: Lyft holding out on thousands in payments to immigrant drivers, advocates say

Fox News: Mayor Johnson touts Chicago being more ‘open and quite accommodating’ to migrants than other blue cities

National News

CNBC: Immigration is boosting the U.S. economy and has been ‘really underestimated,’ says JPMorgan research head

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – March 22, 2024

WBEZ: Feeding migrants in Chicago involves balancing nutrition, cost and taste

WTTW: Chicago Officials Slowly Evicting Migrants From City Shelters as Johnson Resists Pressure to Reverse Course

Telemundo: Piden poner un alto a los desalojos de migrantes en los albergues de Chicago

Fox News: Chicago migrant evictions will add to homelessness, lawmaker says, as Democrat-led cities scale back aid

CWB: Venezuelan migrant charged with stabbing woman inside Logan Square laundromat: Chicago police docs

National News

New York Times: Inspired by Texas, Republicans in Other States Eye Immigration Bills

Wall Street Journal: Flurry of Court Actions on Immigration Law Causing Confusion in Texas

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – March 21, 2024

Migrant Shelter Evictions

CBS Chicago: Alderpersons, activists urge Mayor Brandon Johnson to halt migrant evictions

Block Club Chicago: Alderpeople, Advocates Urge Mayor To End Migrant Evictions

Chicago Sun-Times: Day 4 of Chicago migrant evictions: Mayor Johnson urged to end them

Fox News: Chicago Mayor says migrant shelter eviction is ‘a pathway to stability and self-sufficiency

Other Local News 

Wednesday Journal of Oak Park and River Forest: A village of volunteers supports migrant men
“These migrants were going through so much pain. The people here saw that and reacted. To that extent, I’m proud to be a member of this community.”

Chicago Tribune: Founder of employment law firm donates $100,000 toward Chicago’s migrant crisis

WBEZ: With nearly 6,000 new migrants this year, CPS CEO pledges support as financial needs grow

Fox Chicago: More migrants arrive in Chicago amid shelter evictions, measles outbreak

USA Today: Chicago moves to vaccinate people amid migrant shelter measles outbreak

National News

New York Times: Chasing Clicks in the Jungle: Right-Wing Influencers Descend on the Darién Gap

New York Times, “The Morning”: An American Slowdown

The U.S. has always relied on population growth to keep its economy pumping. A plateau may be coming.

Washington Post: Democratic cities that welcomed migrants are starting to roll back aid

“In recent days, New York and Chicago — two of the nation’s largest cities — have instituted substantial changes to their shelter policies. In Chicago, the city began evicting migrants who had overstayed a new 60-day time limit, saying it did not have the resources to meet the need.”

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – March 19, 2024

Chicago Tribune: First day of migrant evictions leads to confusion; only 3 removed from shelters

Block Club/Borderless: Migrants Navigate State’s Apartment Program On Their Own As Evictions Loom And Help Runs Dry

Chicago Sun-Times: After transgender migrant was shot in Little Village, a cartel-tied Venezuelan was arrested but soon released

CWB Chicago: Migrant stabbed outside shelter in the Loop

National News

CNN: Supreme Court blocks Texas from enforcing controversial immigration law for now

Gothamist: Ahead of NYC summit, Al Gore says addressing climate change is one way to solve migrant crisis

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – March 18, 2024

Shelter Evictions

New York Times: Chicago Begins Evicting Migrants From Shelters, Citing Strain on Resources

Block Club Chicago: Confusion, Lack Of Information At Migrant Shelters As Evictions Begin Sunday

WGN: 3 migrants move out of shelters Sunday out of 34 that had been scheduled for eviction, city says

Chicago Sun-Times: Chicago slowly starts evicting migrants from shelters

WBEZ: Mayor Brandon Johnson exempts migrant families with children and those with measles from shelter evictions

Block Club Chicago: Migrant Evictions To Begin Sunday As City Adds Exemptions To Shelter Stay Limit

ABC Chicago: Migrants to be evicted from 3 shelters across Chicago; families with children allowed longer stay

Fox News: Chicago to start evicting illegal migrants from shelters Saturday

Other News

Chicago Tribune: Behind the wheel without a license: Migrants buying cars to make a life in Chicago

Letter to the Editor in the Chicago Sun Times: Mayor Johnson, explain why your administration ignored Archdiocese offer of free housing for migrants

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – March 15, 2024

Editorial from the Chicago Tribune: We need immigrants. A bracing message from a titan of corporate America.

Chicago Sun-Times: What will Chicago migrant shelter evictions look like?

WTTW: Uncertainty Swirls as Thousands of Migrants Face Evictions From City Shelters Starting Saturday (Latino Voices interview)

WGN: Migrants at Chicago’s largest shelter call food ‘horrible’, rather buy their own meals as city spends millions

CNN: All eligible people at Chicago migrant shelter have been vaccinated for measles in ‘unprecedented operation’

Axios Chicago: What we know (and don’t) about Chicago’s measles outbreak

Chicago Reader’s “Make It Make Sense” column: Shelter evictions, CCPSA nominees, state lawmakers challenge CPS changes

♥️ WGN: Musicians, migrants come together to perform with Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Chicago Tribune: Cook County offers to chip in on food costs for migrants, approves delay to paid-leave mandate for schools, parks

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – March 14, 2024

Shelter Stay Deadline 

Chicago Sun-Times: Mayor Johnson confirms migrant evictions coming, despite measles outbreak and protests

Block Club: With Evictions Looming, Alderpeople Ask Mayor To Again Halt 60-Day Shelter Limit

CBS Chicago: Critics upset with enforcement of Chicago’s 60-day limit at city migrant shelters

ABC Chicago: Chicago mayor announces new exemptions for asylum seekers in 60-day migrant shelter eviction policy

Chicago Tribune: Mayor Johnson says limited migrant shelter evictions to start

Other News

♥️ NBC Chicago: Logan Square mom turns house into donation center to help migrants, families in need

Chicago Tribune: Looking for work, migrants turn to street vending

WBEZ: How Chicago’s long history of migrant influxes has shaped its population

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – March 13, 2024

ABC Chicago: Aldermen ask mayor not to evict migrants from Chicago shelters after 60 days, but face pushback

ABC Chicago: 7 measles cases reported at Chicago migrant shelter, state moving exposed women, children to hotels

CBS Chicago: 3 more measles cases at Chicago migrant shelter as CDC arrives

Chicago Tribune: Aldermen brought in to help with shelter measles outbreak

Block Club: CDC Team In Chicago To Help With Measles Outbreak, Officials Say

Chicago Sun-Times: Paying millions to house migrants, Chicago failed to take Catholic archdiocese up on offers of free rent

WBEZ: Thousands of immigrants in Illinois to lose health care coverage

Axios Chicago: Immigration shakes out to be key issue in Illinois 4th District race

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – March 12, 2024

Letter to the editor in the Chicago Tribune: Immigrants benefit communities

Axios: Migrant shelter measles cases could delay evictions in Chicago

Borderless: CDC To Help Chicago After 4 Cases Of Measles At Largest Migrant Shelter

WBEZ: Chicago migrants face growing pressure as March 16 shelter-stay limit approaches

Chicago Tribune: 2 more cases of measles at migrant shelter on Lower West Side, bringing location’s total to 4

Chicago Sun-Times: Two more measles cases identified at Pilsen migrant shelter

Block Club: Fifth Measles Case Found In Chicago As Officials Ramp Up Vaccination Efforts

Wednesday Journal of Oak Park and River Forest: Village approves $200K for Grace migrants’ short-term rentals

Block Club: Activists Demand End To City’s Migrant Shelter Eviction Policy, Set To Begin This Weekend

CWB Chicago: Migrant threatened to shoot downtown 7-Eleven clerk with a gun-shaped cigarette lighter, Chicago police report says (It’s his FIFTH arrest since July)

National News 

NBC News: Biden’s proposed budget includes $4.7 billion emergency fund for border migrant surges

The Guardian: Migrants mired in transit as Mexico becomes US’s immigration enforcer

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – March 11, 2024

Second Case of Measles Confirmed at Shelter

WTTW: 2nd Case of Measles Confirmed in Pilsen Shelter, Chicago Health Officials Announce

Chicago Tribune: Second child develops measles in Pilsen migrant shelter, officials say

ABC Chicago: 2nd child at Pilsen migrant shelter diagnosed with city’s 3rd measles case; CDC sends response team

CBS Chicago: Chicago Department of Public Health investigating second case of measles at Pilsen migrant shelter

NBC Chicago: Second case of measles confirmed at Pilsen migrant shelter, CDPH says

Crain’s Chicago Business: Second measles case confirmed at city’s largest migrant shelter

WGN Chicago: Second case of measles confirmed at Pilsen migrant shelter

Borderless: Chicago’s Largest Migrant Shelter In Quarantine After Measles Case: ‘We Are Worried’

Other Chicago News

Columbia Chronicle: Advocates protest moving migrants from shelters after 60 days without better plan for housing, work

National News

New York Times: Judge Upholds Biden Program Giving Some Immigrants Short-Term Legal Status


Chicago Tribune: Activists, volunteers call on mayor to extend migrant removal deadline from shelters

Chicago Sun-Times: With shelter evictions looming, migrants worry about access to housing, work permits

CBS: Supporters in Chicago rally in support of migrants ahead of city eviction deadline

WGN: Activists rally to demand stop to evictions as 60-day limit for asylum seekers living in city-run shelters approaches

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – March 10, 2024

Shelter Eviction Deadline + Rally

Chicago Tribune: Activists, volunteers call on mayor to extend migrant removal deadline from shelters

““People are going to be forced out of shelter. People are going to the streets, and people are not given any direction as to how to sustain themselves, how to sustain their families,” said Miguel Alvelo Rivera, the executive director of the Latino Union of Chicago.”

Chicago Sun-Times: With shelter evictions looming, migrants worry about access to housing, work permits

“We know that the people that are being evicted do not have the resources they need,” said Merita Bushi, an organizer with Community Care Collective and 33rd Ward Working Families — two of the groups organizing the protest.

“People say this is a migrant crisis, but it really isn’t. It’s a housing crisis, and it just has illuminated what many houseless Chicagoans have faced for years. We need to build permanent housing that is affordable to everyone.”

CBS: Supporters in Chicago rally in support of migrants ahead of city eviction deadline

“Speakers urged not only for a postponement of this plan but also for more funding from lawmakers at all levels as they work on their annual budgets.

“We know families that end up sleeping in tents and sleeping in cars, and now they are our neighbors, right? Why? Because we sent, kicked them out of shelters prematurely and without enough resources,” one speaker said.”

WGN: Activists rally to demand stop to evictions as 60-day limit for asylum seekers living in city-run shelters approaches

“We know Brandon is better, but we need to see him do better and what that looks like is providing all us in a meaningful way and we can start by not having evictions in our shelters.” Dixon Romeo, from the local community group “Not Me We,” said.

Other Chicago News

Borderless: Chicago’s Largest Migrant Shelter In Quarantine After Measles Case: ‘We Are Worried’

Block Club Chicago: City Wakes Pilsen Migrant Shelter Residents At 1 AM To Announce Measles Lockdown, Causing Panic

WGN: Outcry over ‘inhumane’ conditions inside Pilsen shelter after child diagnosed with measles

Chicago Sun-Times: An immigration reporter’s journey to his Costa Rican roots

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – March 8, 2024

ABC Chicago: Child at Pilsen shelter diagnosed with measles CDPH says

Chicago Tribune: Amid migrant crisis, Chicago food pantries experience unprecedented demand

Borderless: Threats, ‘Abuse’ And No Pay: What Chicago Migrants Face When Looking For Work

Chicago Sun-Times Opinion (Steven V. Roberts): America first? Only with the help of immigrants

Fox News: Chicago quietly moves migrants from airports after Senate committee probe

National News

The Hill: Biden knocks Trump’s immigration rhetoric, but calls accused killer ‘an illegal’
Responses from Rep. Chuy Garcia & Rep. Delia Ramirez.

New York Times: House Passes Migrant Detention Bill, Denouncing Biden Border Policies

New York Times: Biden Spars With Marjorie Taylor Greene About a Murder He Said Was Committed ‘by an Illegal’

Upcoming Events

Work Permits for All Rally – Saturday, March 9
Rally in support of new arrivals, demanding an end to shelter evictions – Saturday, March 9

Writing to counter anti-migrant narratives workshop – Tuesday, March 12

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – March 7, 2024

Capitol Fax: Good news on migrant influx/sheltering/resettlements, but some dark clouds are on the horizon

CBS Chicago: While newly-arrived migrants can obtain work permits, some of the long-undocumented feel forgotten

Illinois Public Media/The 21st Show: Senator Peters speaks on Black Caucus’ goals, migrant assistance, and Safe-T Act progress

Op-ed: Lake County News-Sun column by Charles Selle: Sorry Donald, but voting road for migrants takes years, not months

National News

ABC News: Fact Focus: Claims Biden administration is secretly flying migrants into the country are unfounded

“In his Super Tuesday victory speech, former President Donald Trump elevated false information that had gone viral on social media, claiming the Biden administration secretly flew hundreds of thousands of migrants into the United States.”Associated Press: Many Christian voters in US see immigration as a crisis. How to address it is where they differ.

Upcoming Events

Work Permits for All Rally – Saturday, March 9
Rally in support of new arrivals, demanding an end to shelter evictions and housing for all Chicagoans – Saturday, March 9

Writing to counter anti-migrant narratives workshop – Tuesday, March 12

Chicago Asylum Seeker Clips – March 5, 2024

Crain’s Chicago Business / Bloomberg: Mendoza pitches plan to bill Biden for migrant costs

WBEZ’s The Rundown: What migrants’ grievances tell us about the state of Chicago shelters

Chicago Tribune: North Shore residents providing care packages to displaced migrants

Wednesday Journal of Oak Park and River Forest: Oak Park couple hosts GoFundMe to house migrant family Fox News Guest Repeats False Story About 100 Migrants Attacking Guard at Chicago Home Depot
“On March 1, 2024, Laura Ingraham, host of the Fox News primetime TV show “The Ingraham Angle,” interviewed a woman named Jessica Jackson, who was identified on screen as being a “Chicago community organizer.”

Near the end of the interview, Jackson repeated an unsubstantiated rumor, claiming that 100 migrants had attacked a security guard at a Home Depot store in Chicago. The incident purportedly took place on Feb. 20.”

National News

Mediaite: Jon Stewart Rips NYC Mayor Eric Adams for Reversing His ‘Bring Us Your Tired’ Position on Migrants: ‘It Took Two Bus Loads of Venezuleans!’ (FULL SEGMENT)

New York Times: Arizona Governor Vetoes Bill Allowing Police to Arrest Migrants

Fox News: GOP congressman introduces ‘Laken Riley Act’ to require ICE to detain migrants arrested for theft

Block Club: After Chartered Private Jet From Texas Flies Migrants To O’Hare, Handlers Flee In Uber

Chicago Tribune: City has lost all communication about migrant drop offs since new penalties, official says


Axios: Chicago alders advance measure to bolster sanctuary city protections

Chicago Sun Times: Migrant shelter at closed St. Bartholomew school expected to open next

ABC Chicago: City scrambling to determine next steps for migrants in Chicago after camp scrapped by state

ABC Chicago: Others step up to house Chicago migrants after base camp plan scuttled, Pritzker defends decision

WGN: 3 Chicago aldermen call for resignations over failed Brighton Park migrant site

Block Club: Logan Square’s The Parlor Is Helping Mutual Aid Groups Support People In Need

Axios: Illinois halts construction of Chicago migrant camp

Block Club: Brighton Park Tent Encampment Construction On Hold For At Least A Week, City Lawyer Says

Chicago Tribune: State drafted, but never sent to Texas, flyer aimed at discouraging migrants from coming to Chicago

ABC Chicago: Chicago migrants staff Hermosa food pantry: ‘They just want to do something

ABC Chicago: Judge denies temporary restraining order after construction halted at Brighton Park migrant camp

Chicago Sun Times: Suit to stop Brighton Park migrant tent site dismissed, for now

Axios: Mercury found on Brighton Park migrant camp site

Block Club Chicago: Brighton Park Tent Encampment Deemed Safe — Despite Mercury, Arsenic Contamination, Mayor’s Office Says

WGN: Emergency hearing to be held on Brighton Park migrant base camp

Chicago Tribune: Volunteer networks step up to provide health needs to migrants at police stations

Chicago Tribune: A plea to Biden from longtime undocumented immigrants in Chicago: ‘Please don’t forget about us, we need job permits too’

State Senator Robert Peters in the Sun Times: Chicago must remain a sanctuary city because ‘that is who we are’

Sherman “Dilla” Thomas in the TRiiBE: Blaming migrants for Chicago’s problems is a historical trend

Chicago Sun Times: Brighton Park migrant tents begin rising

Chicago Tribune: Protesters in Brighton Park speak out against migrant camp as construction begins

Block Club: 17 Churches To Become Migrant Shelters As City Hurries To Provide Housing For Winter

CBS Chicago: 17 Chicago churches to take in migrants from police stations, as work begins on tent camp in Brighton Park

ABC Chicago: Migrants in Chicago: Churches begin taking in migrants as part of Mayor Johnson’s initiative

NBC Chicago: Efforts continue to find housing for migrants in Chicago


WTTW: State Officials to Use $65M to Build Brighton Park Base Camp, Transform Little Village CVS into Migrant Shelter

Chicago Tribune: Construction on Brighton Park migrant camp to begin with state involvement this week despite aldermanic opposition

Block Club: Migrant Shelter Opens Near Salt Shed In Goose Island

ABC Chicago: Mayor Johnson set to announce mobilization of faith, philanthropic resources for migrants

Capitol Fax: Bus arrivals trending upward again

Sun Times: City changing migrant arrivals playbook

Block Club: As Chicago’s Shelter Rule For Migrant Families Takes Effect, Here Are Three Student Rights To Know

Chicago Tribune: ‘I can’t do a lot of things, but I can do this’: How one Chicagoan is stepping up for migrant children with disabilities

Chicago Tribune: Pritzker administration sought migrant tent camp proposals before Mayor Brandon Johnson took office, records show

Block Club: Brighton Park Tent Camp Construction Not Starting Yet, City Says

Sun Times: Construction of winter tents for migrants in Brighton Park to start Monday, alderperson says

ABC Chicago: Chicago migrants: Construction on Brighton Park base camp will not begin Monday, mayor’s office says

ABC Chicago: Lawsuit from Chicago residents over handling of migrant housing in court Monday

Sun Times: Venezuelan artist paints his way to Chicago: ‘I never dreamed I would do that’

Sun Times Op-Ed: Chicago has been a welcoming city for centuries (Buildings Commissioner Matthew W. Beaudet)

Sun Times Op Ed: Giving thanks for new neighbors — migrants — who are becoming part of Chicago and America (New Life Centers’ Matt DeMateo)

Chicago Tribune: Half full: Migrants struggle to eat in Chicago

Chicago Tribune Op Ed by Jose Muñoz: Continued division over Chicago’s migrant crisis will breed only more chaos for everyone

Politico: Democratic cities brace for a nightmare winter housing migrants

CBS Chicago: Migrants, unhoused Chicagoans give thanks for free haircuts and a fresh start


Chicago Tribune: Asylum-seekers cleared from once-crowded Chicago police station as city begins to enact new policies

WBEZ’s Reset: Volunteers blindsided by new 60-day limit on migrant stays in Chicago shelters

Advocates wonder where people will stay once their time in Chicago shelters runs out.

CWB Chicago: Abracadabra! Migrant camp outside Chicago police station disappears as city aims to have all stations cleared by December 1

Sun Times: Brighton Park migrant tent site construction blocked by protesters: ‘Show me the permit; I’m ready to go to jail.’


Block Club: What Does The City’s New 60-Day Shelter Limit Mean For Migrants In Chicago?

WBEZ: Migrants are finding spare rooms and shared spaces as an alternative to city shelters

Chicago Tribune Editorial: Faced with a growing migrant crisis in Chicago, Gov. J.B. Pritzker rides to the city’s rescue

Axios: New migrant policies cut services to new arrivals in Chicago

Axios: Micro homes could help house migrants in Chicago

Chicago Tribune: Man charged with shooting and critically injuring 25-year-old near migrant shelter in Woodlawn

Block Club: Donate Winter Clothes, Other Goods For Migrants At Pilsen 5K

Block Club: South Shore Thanksgiving Party An ‘Olive Branch’ Between Longtime Residents, Migrants

Capitol Fax: State to lay out ‘next steps in managing the asylum seeker crisis’ tomorrow (Updated)

Chicago Tribune: Mayor Brandon Johnson announces effort to get migrants out of shelters within 60 days

WTTW: Chicago to Limit Migrants to 60 Days in City Shelters as Part of New Approach to Crisis: Johnson

WBEZ: Mayor Johnson is imposing a “tiered” 60-day limit on migrant stays in city shelters

Sun Times: Johnson implementing 60-day limit on shelter stays in next phase of plan to confront migrant crisis

WBEZ: Cook County pitches a $100 million fund for migrants and disaster aid

Chicago Sun Times Editorial Board: Mayor Johnson gets a green light on budget, but kicks the fiscal can down the road on migrant spending

WBEZ: The stars of the high school concert? A rock band of migrant teens.


Sun Times: Number of migrants arriving by bus, staying in Chicago police stations at lowest point in months

WTTW: As Backlash Against Chicago’s Sanctuary City Status Gains Steam, Supporters Warn of Consequences

Block Club: Downtown Alderman, Volunteers Help Migrants Apply For Temporary Protected Status

Chicago Sun Times Editorial Board: Catholic Charities of San Antonio does Chicago no favors by failing to give a heads-up when migrants are on the way

Sun Times Op-Ed: Migrant crisis won’t be solved by repealing Welcoming City ordinance

Sun Times: Hundreds gather in Brighton Park to oppose proposed migrant camp

Chicago Tribune: Migrant family journeys back to Venezuela, more leaving Chicago as winter looms: ‘The American Dream doesn’t exist anymore’

Chicago Tribune: City ID card event cancellations frustrate migrants desperate for official identification

Chicago Tribune: Migrants flown to Chicago by Catholic Charities in San Antonio, even with winter approaching and no place to sleep

WTTW: Lincoln Square Church Shelters Migrant Families: ‘We Had the Space, We Saw the Need’


WTTW: With ‘Base Camps’ Weeks Away from Opening, Officials Scramble for Temporary Plan for Migrants

Chicago Tribune Letter to the Editor: There should be enough resources to help the migrants and the unhoused in Chicago

WBEZ’s Reset: New pilot program to help migrants get one step closer to work permits

Sun Times: Despite internal police alerts, scant evidence of violent gang members among Venezuelan migrants in Chicago

Block Club: Englewood Organizer Needs Help Feeding 1,000 Neighbors, Migrant Families On Thanksgiving


ABC Chicago: Residents concerned as plans for controversial Brighton Park migrant camp move forward

Chicago Sun Times: Northwest Side pastor pioneers migrant resettlement program through churches

Paul Vallas in the Chicago Tribune: Gov. J.B. Pritzker should use executive powers to take action on migrant crisis


Chicago Sun Times: Shouts, tears, boos from crowd force recess of City Council committee meeting during heated migrant debate

Block Club: Morgan Park Migrant Tent Camp Plans Approved — But For One Year Only

CBS News Chicago: After compromise with local alderman, City Council OKs plan for migrant tent camp in Morgan Park

WTTW: City Council OKs Plan to Transform Former Jewel, Parking Lot on Far South Side Into Migrant Shelter

Chicago Tribune: Oak Park announces it’s temporarily moving 160 migrants from churches to a YMCA and hotel

WGN: Brighton Park residents voice opposition to migrant camp in 12th Ward

Chicago Tribune: President Biden, Illinois and Chicago officials launching a one-stop work permit program for migrants


Chicago Sun Times: White House, state, city team up for pilot program to help migrants apply for work permits

Fox 32 Chicago: Englewood residents rally against migrant bus arrivals

Axios’ 1 Big Thing: Our sanctuary city’s future

Axios: Chart of the day: Bus arrivals drop

Chicago Sun Times: Venezuelan migrant families in Chicago find comfort in Lake Michigan


Greg Hinz/Crain’s: As the whole world watches, will Chicago live up to its immigrant ideals?

Chicago Tribune: As temperatures fall, the number of sick children sleeping outside of police stations increases, migrant advocates say

WTTW: As Temperatures Drop, Volunteers and Medical Professionals Work to Prepare Migrants for a Chicago Winter

CWB Chicago: 1 migrant dies, another survives after being found unresponsive outside Chicago police station

Block Club: Northwest Side Police Officer Collecting Bilingual Books For Migrant Children

ABC Chicago: US Rep. Jonathan Jackson calls for rest of Illinois to step up as more Chicago migrants arrive

Chicago Tribune: Homeless Chicagoans also living at police stations alongside migrants


Chicago Sun Times: In Washington, Mayor Brandon Johnson pushes for more federal help to deal with migrant crisis

WTTW/AP: Brandon Johnson, Other Big City Mayors Get Audience with Biden Administration Officials to Pitch Request for Help with Migrants

Chicago Tribune: Mayor Brandon Johnson in Washington to ask for $5B in migrant funding

Tweets from Paris Schutz and Sen. Dick Durbin: Senator Durbin calls on Biden to offer more federal $$$ to aid in Chicago’s migrant crisis, echoing the pleas for help from local lawmakers

Axios: Chicago City Council punts on sanctuary city debate — for now

Sun Times: City signs lease for site of potential Brighton Park migrant tent camp — leaving local alderperson ‘frustrated and disappointed’

NBC Chicago: Chicago signs land use contract for $91K per month to house migrants in vacant lot in Brighton Park

Block Club: Migrants Sleep Outside In Frigid Temps As City Council Squabbles About What To Do Next

WGN: Chicago residents fed up with lack of communication on migrant housing locations

Chicago Tonight: Latino Voices (including interviews with mutual aid and migrant support volunteers)


Associated Press: Chicago and other US cities struggle to house asylum-seekers as winter weather hits

Chicago Tribune: Mayor Brandon Johnson’s plan to turn old Jewel-Osco into migrant shelter stalls, but he says ‘winter is not here yet’

Block Club: River North Migrant Shelter Still Being Considered Despite Mayor’s Denials, Alderman Says

Chicago Tribune: Oak Park opens police station, undisclosed shelter to dozens of migrant families housed outdoors in tents as temperatures drop

Capitol Fax: Asylum-seekers coverage roundup

Block Club Chicago podcast: ‘You Make Your Table Longer’ – The Woman Opening Her Home To Migrants While Battling Terminal Cancer

WBEZ Chicago: The sudden snow is presenting new challenges for thousands of migrants


Front page of the Chicago Tribune: Freezing temperatures, uncertainty and concern among migrants living outside Chicago police stations: ‘How are we going to survive winter here?’ (image below)

In These Times: Cruelties Collide for Migrants in Chicago (Part 2 in a series; Part 1 is here, En español aquí y aquí)

Block Club: Migrant Boy, 6, Hit By Car Outside Of Police Station Tent Camp: ‘They Need A Place Inside’


Awesome Sun Times op-ed by 8th district volunteers Jaime Groth Searle and Adriana Vargas: Opening your minds and ears to migrants leads to open hearts, Chicago

WBEZ Reset: As temperatures drop, how are Chicagoans meeting needs of people living in tents?

Sun Times: Plan for 2nd migrant tent camp at donated Jewel, parking lot clears City Council committee

Block Club: Key City Committee OKs Purchase Of Far South Side Lot To Become Migrant Camp

Block Club: Downtown Alderman Pleased After City Abandons ‘Terrible’ River North ‘Migrant Hotel’ Plan

Alderwoman Julia Ramirez on Twitter: We have requested a second community meeting from the Mayor’s Office for the proposed shelter on 38th & California. You can join this virtual meeting for information and updates, as well as provide public comment. Thurs 11/2 6:30-8pm via Zoom. Register:

Reporter Laura N. Rodríguez Presa’s tweets from accompanying migrants at a police station in the cold last night: 


Sun Times: Plan for 2nd migrant tent camp at donated Jewel, parking lot clears City Council committee

ABC Chicago: Morgan Park residents raise concerns over city’s plans for migrant shelter at vacant lot

Alderman Mosley on X: My statement regarding the update on the proposed Asylum-Seeker shelter at 115th and Halsted

WTTW: Vote Set on Plan to Transform Former Jewel, Parking Lot on Far South Side Into Migrant Shelter

NBC Chicago: Roseland residents frustrated over proposal to build migrant shelter

Block Club: More Than 3,400 Migrants Have Been Flown Into Chicago Since June, City Data Shows

Buses are dropping off migrants in the city daily. But cities like New York, Denver and San Antonio are also flying migrants here as they struggle to accommodate new arrivals.


CBS Chicago: West Town residents sue Chicago over possible migrant shelter in industrial building

Chicago Tribune: Chicago officials say trip to Texas helped build collaboration with border cities in addressing migrant crisis

ABC Chicago: Hermosa health clinic offers care specifically for new arrival migrants

Block Club: Uptown Coat Drive A Chance To Donate Clothes, Meet Migrant Neighbors


Sun Times: Chicago-area retiree opens her home to migrants — ‘new family members’ — stuck at police stations

Axios: Chicago quietly renews controversial migrant shelter staffing contract

Block Club: Upcoming Ukrainian Village Migrant Shelter Will Now House Families, City Says 

New York Times: Texas Lawmakers Vote to Let Local Police Arrest Migrants

Washington Post: Border crossings by Venezuelans decline as Biden starts deportations

Crain’s Chicago Business: Chicago opens up another multimillion-dollar contract for feeding migrants


On Tuesday’s meeting in Brighton Park

Sun Times: ‘Welcoming spirit’ vs. worries over safety: Brighton Park residents at odds over migrant tent plan

Up to 2,000 asylum seekers could be placed in the shelter. Residents expressed concerns over safety at Tuesday’s meeting, but one urged compassion. “We have to have kindness, peace and not be against each other, because we are America,” the 92-year-old resident said.

Chicago Tribune: Protesters scuffle with police ahead of emotional community meeting over tent city for migrants in Brighton Park

Block Club: Neighbors Clash With City Officials Over Plan To House 2,000 Migrants At Brighton Park Tent Camp

While some neighbors spoke in support of the city, many who were opposed shouted things like “Send them back.”

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The deportation of migrants who had entered the U.S. illegally came as the Biden administration lifted some sanctions against Venezuela.

Chicago Sun Times: Toxic past leads to concern about Brighton Park migrant tent site




Capital B News: ‘We All Deserve Help’: Building Black-Latino Solidarity Amid Migrant ‘Crisis’

7/18/2023 – Chicago SunTimes A day with Chicago migrants and the people trying to help them

7/9/2023 – The Hill

How new tactics have driven a spike in book ban attempts

7/7/2023 – WBEZ

The city is moving migrants out of a Chicago police station amid allegations of ‘sexual misconduct’

7/5/2023 – AP News

US citizenship test changes are coming, raising concerns for those with low English skills

6/29/2023 – Block Club Chicago

After Failing To Respond To Migrant Crisis, City Council’s Immigration Committee Calls On Itself To Meet More Often